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Was haltet Ihr von Carboloading vor Wettkämpfen (Halbmarathon, Marathon)? Will Leistung bringen, jedoch auch Paleo bleiben.


...ein paar Links von bekannten Paleo-Koniferen

Robb Wolf: The Carbohydrate Loading Conundrum

‎"In another study done by Lambert in 2001 they tested a high fat diet and a habitual diet before a carbohydrate loading protocol. This study showed that the high fat diet group increased performance greater than the group on the habitual diet before a carbohydrate loading phase. The study also concluded that the high fat group increased performance while having a higher reliance on fats as energy (Lambert, 2001)"

THAT PALEO GUY High Fat Diets for Cyclists – Part Five of Six This post is part of what turned into a 6-part series on high fat sports nutrition

"My n=1 study of eating low carb/high fat tells me that my ability to train has not been impaired by this dietary regime. I can maintain both high intensity intervals and extended periods of high aerobic power output (in fact higher than I have ever been able to), and not feel like I am riding on borrowed time any more than what I did when I overate carbohydrate at all times. "

Dr. Cate: When Martians Attack Carbo-loading Could Spell Your Doom!

"If you are an endurance athlete on an old-fashioned high-carb diet, sometimes still recommended by fitness magazines that endorse carbo-loading, you can expect to hit the wall at around the 20 mile mark of a 26-mile marathon."

‎"If you train on a low-carb diet and skip carbo-loading altogether, you have access to a much larger supply of caloric reserve (from body fat) and stand a good chance of blowing by your competition as their gas tanks run empty."

--Kikilula 20:19, 8. Mär. 2012 (CET)